Family & Caregiver Support

Assuming the role of caregiver for your loved one can be a difficult task. Our hospice team makes sure to provide family caregivers the support and assistance they need in caring for their loved ones.
Despite the added support from the hospice staff, it is important that the family understands that they will act as the primary caregivers, and our job is to prepare you for this role.

What’s Expected as a Primary Caregiver

Here are some common responsibilities when a family member assumes the role of primary caregiver:
1. Personal care of patient: This means helping the patient with their day to day requirements, such as bathing, oral care, and getting dressed. In addition, food preparation, cleaning, and feeding can also be responsibilities for primary caregivers.

2. Medication: Monitoring medication dosages, helping take medication and that all prescriptions are filled on time will be crucial as a primary caregiver.

3. Medical Care: This can be checking blood pressure, monitoring heart rates, apply ice packs or replacing bandages.

4. Medical Equipment: The primary caregiver must understand how to properly use medical equipment and supplies, such as oxygen machines, wheelchairs, and hospital beds.