Placement Assistance

Comfort Hospice Care Senior Placement Service

When a family member is no longer able to fully commit to the care for their loved one and requires assistance, Comfort Hospice provides a range of options for how best to continue the care and treatment. At this point, our Senior Care Placement Service assists families and health care providers in managing senior care options such as home health care, group homes, assisted living, and skilled nursing facilities.

Our organization has been caring for older persons with chronic and serious illnesses for many years. We can assist people in finding the right level of help in a setting that feels right to them and their families.

Assisted Living Placement

We specialize in assisted living in a residential community with a wide range of support services and healthcare. Seniors who choose assisted living are at a point in their lives when living alone is no longer a safe or realistic option, but they do not require regular medical attention.

When a person moves into our assisted living home, an individualized service plan is created for them
and can be modified at any moment. Additionally, social activities are encouraged to keep people emotionally and physically active.

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Skilled Nursing Facilities

Our nurses are on duty 24×7 to provide wound care, medication management, and physical
therapy. Bathing, dressing, and eating are among the activities for which personal care is
provided. A typical nursing home has a hundred or more inhabitants.

Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly

Care homes are also referred to as adult family homes, board and care homes, and residential care facilities for the elderly (RCFE). Our care homes are homes that have been remodeled and licensed to care for the elderly and are located in residential areas.

Care homes are the best option for clients who require
a lot of help with their activities of daily living (ADLs),
like changing, bathing and toileting, as well as medical attention on a regular basis. We provide private or shared accommodations, as well as all meals and services, for
a single fee. Registered nurses or caregivers run the care homes we offer. They range in complexity from simple
to magnificent and opulent.