Comfort Hospice and Palliative Care is expanding its services to Riverside and San Bernardino, California! We know how important it is for you to have care that is accessible and close by, with staff members that are local and can improve your care exponentially.

The aging population in these Californian cities continues to grow and as more and more transition to their last season of life, end-of-life care becomes more in demand. We have made it our mission to provide patients and their families the full range of hospice and palliative care necessary. We believe every patient deserves dignity and this is our goal.

As a family member who cares for a terminally-ill patient, preparing for the end of life of a patient can be a difficult task. Comfort Hospice & Palliative Care ensures a full encompassing support system to care for patients with life-limiting illness. Our expertly trained staff works around the clock with family caregivers and clinicians in assisting through this end of life period. In addition to hospice care, Comfort also provides palliative care to ease the pain for the patient and alleviate ongoing symptoms.

Our expert team includes the capability to provide for spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional care with no out of pocket costs to you. We are excited to be here in Riverside and San Bernardino providing compassionate care and comfort to our cherished elders with top of the line hospice care. 

We love the culture in this neighborhood and wish to honor any and all needs you may have as you and your family go through this process. We are able to provide translators as necessary for your care so that your voice is heard and you and your family are the very center of every process. You are our priority, and we will be there for you every step of the way. We look forward to serving families in San Bernardino and Riverside!